“A smile
is the universal

Max Eastman

Working successfully means achieving goals.
Our goal: happy smiles for all ages!

Dr. Dittmer dentists are motivated to optimally meet your expectations of our service. We understand quality, even in the treatment of the smallest dental concerns, to be the result of targeted planning in connection with the extensive and long-term dental experience of all network partners involved.

If you have one or more gaps in your teeth or are unhappy with your existing dentures or the appearance of your teeth, then use the following pages to get an idea of ​​the most modern treatment options that Dr. Dittmer dentists can offer you. Your current situation doesn’t have to stay that way.

Dr. Dittmer aims to guarantee you relaxation and wellbeing. With the help of our service-oriented practice model with concierge, chauffeur, shuttle and interpreter service as well as amenities such as the large airy roof terrace and the waiting lounge, the first step into the practice, which is often perceived as uncomfortable, is made easier for you.

Of course, we make sure that your individual wishes are taken into account when making an appointment. Dr. Dittmer supports your well-being through a pleasant atmosphere, pleasant, discreet music, avoidance of unnecessary waiting times and extensive current reading. During your visit to Dr. Dittmer, all of our attention is directed towards you.

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